Our mission is to amplify the voice of the people, to put integrity and humanity first. We champion policies that value human well-being over profit and tackle economic inequity at its roots, creating opportunities for communities to thrive. We engage elected officials, advance candidates, and support community leaders by galvanizing a broad coalition and mobilizing a grassroots movement.

The real work starts now.

Humanity First Movement is a non-partisan grassroots organization that supports human-centered policies like Universal Basic Income, Democracy Dollars, and Ranked Choice Voting. We are working for a government that prioritizes intrinsic human value and quality of life.

The real work starts now.

What We Do


Endorse and provide resources to political candidates who embrace Universal Basic Income, human-centered capitalism and other aligned policies at every level

Empower Americans to retake control of their data and get compensated for its use by big tech companies

Activate new voters and the politically disengaged, particularly young people and the economically marginalized

Mainstream the ideas of the movement through podcasts, traditional media, and high-impact events

Launch and support projects and pilots that demonstrate the power and practicality of our ideas in real life

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COVID Relief Callers

Over 100,000 folks applied for Humanity Forward micro-grants. We need volunteers to help field this high volume of requests, so those in need can receive aid. When our communities need us, Humanity First answers.

Lobbying Congress for #EmergencyUBI

We are working with our partners at Income Movement to tell congress to include relief payments in their emergency stimulus package proposals.

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